HIV/AIDS Service Delivery Programs

Solina works to develop and implement HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs using innovative models including scale up of private for profit model to provide large scale antiretroviral treatment and prevention of mother to child transmission programs.

Routine Immunizations

We are involved in improving routine immunization coverage rates by identifying barriers to RI, conducting in-depth analysis to determine evidence based solutions to address these barriers including developing and implementing innovative supply chain management that improve RI coverage.


Solina works with government to strengthen Primary Health Care (PHC)services via Public Private Partnerships that bring together private sector models to solve public health challenges especially in the area of maternal and child health. We partner with private and public partners to design and implement programs that will realize the MDGs related to reduction of maternal and child morbidity and mortality.

Laboratory Services

We provide laboratory infrastructure to build new laboratories, improve and develop existing laboratories. We also provide technical assistance for laboratories supporting national HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and other programs. We have competencies in laboratory set up and lay out, laboratory diagnostics, procurement of equipment and supplies, training of laboratory personnel and quality assurance.


Solina works to improve nutrition in Nigeria by identifying innovative ideas and opportunities in combating malnutrition including encouraging stakeholders to commit to the production of quality therapeutic foods in Nigeria by Nigerian partners.