Facility Operational Excellence

We work with our clients to apply management techniques that improve operational efficiencies, promote excellence and consistence in quality of services and processes at client facilities and companies. This enables us to optimize productivity and efficiency while maximizing the quality of services in a sustainable way.

Supply Chain Transformation

We design and deploy proprietary supply chain management solutions that creates real value for clients and partners. Our services cover supply chain management training, demand forecasting, product sourcing and procurement, quality assurance, inventory management, transportation, and logistics management . Our team’s expertise includes vaccine cold chains, laboratory reagents, pharmaceuticals, small medical equipment, and other medical supplies.

Workforce Development

We build core skills and competencies for technical and managerial staff mainly in the health sector, using practical learning methods and real-life simulations to improve effectiveness and productivity of workers. This we achieve through targeted training sessions and rigorous “on the field” mentoring and supportive supervision exercises.

Health Information Management

We design and implement integrated point of service data management systems that enhance health data usage for evidence-based decision making. This covers areas of data collection, collation, analysis, maintenance and disclosure which are critical for the success of the health system.

Health Management and Financing

We partner with funding and implementing organizations to design and implement the financial solutions that will produce the best outcomes and develop systems to improve healthcare resource generation and allocation including; budgeting mechanisms, performance based funding mechanisms, provider and patient incentives.