Strategic Consulting

We help our clients and partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors to discover innovative ways to improve services and outcomes while reducing costs and risks in strategic alignment to their organization vision and mission. We do this by developing and deploying strategic plans with actionable activities that translate strategies into actions and impact.

System Diagnostics and Assessments

We conduct performance diagnostics and assessments of systems to identify areas for improvement which will make the most impact for our clients and partners. We are able to achieve this by designing and deploying system specific diagnostic models that identify key areas of focus and draw deep insights.

Impact Evaluations

We rigorously and methodically assess the impact of implemented interventions, programs and policies and develop appropriate solutions to optimize impact. This improves the effectiveness of programs and policies by strengthening the capacity of our clients and partners to make evidence based decisions that create impact in alignment with their mission and objectives.

Grants and Program Management

We provide grant and project management support for our partners in compliance with the requirements of major donors, including US Government Agencies.

Operations Research

We conduct studies across diverse fields including epidemiologic, behavioural and economic research studies to generate insights to help our clients make better operational decisions.

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