AIDS Care and Treatment Plus Up (ACTION Plus UP)

Over 250 PfPs were assessed and 151 selected and activated across three states: FCT, Benue and Nasarawa to deliver HCT, PMTCT and ART services.

Training and supportive supervision, including targeted technical assistance was provided to engaged PFPs to ensure good quality of services were delivered

The Challenge

Resources expended over the last decade to tackle the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria have yielded significant result. However current service coverage continues to lag behind access. Only 4.7% of ANC facilities in Nigeria offer PMTCT services while only 18% of pregnant women living with HIV (PWLHIV) received more effective ARVs for PMTCT. This is clear need to accelerate the expansion of service coverage to improve access to testing and treatment.

Our Thoughts

Given the high penetration of the private sector, private providers present a platform for rapid scale up in HIV/AIDS service delivery. With 60-80% of Nigerians receiving their healthcare services through private providers, it has become imperative that the private sector be engaged on a large scale to bridge the gap in coverage.


Solina Health designed a sustainable model to enable Private for Profit (PfPs) to deliver HIV/AIDS services with minimal interruptions to their business model through a sub-grant from Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) funded by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The AIDS Care and Treatment in Nigeria Plus Up (ACTION Plus Up) project is aimed at supporting private for profit facilities to provide comprehensive integrated HIV/AIDS care and treatment services.


Through 151 engaged PfPs and a network of over 400 TBAs, the program has expanded access to HIV services in both urban and rural parts of the 3 states
In the first year, over 300,000 individuals received HIV counseling and testing and 23,500 pregnant women provided with PMTCT services. 1,036 testing positive were placed on life saving ARVs. 223 HIV exposed babies have gotten results of DNA-PCR tests done.
Currently, over 4,000 HIV positive clients are on treatment at engaged PFPs.
The PfPs have taken ownership of clinical service delivery and are progressively driving their Supply Chain Management and Data Reporting to ensure program sustainability


Program Activity